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Manual and Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Reviews

There’s a lot that goes into enjoying a bottle of wine, and it all starts with opening the bottle. But what happens if you can’t actually get the bottle open – or worse, if you hurt yourself or the wine in the process?

In order to appreciate the wonderful experience that is a fine wine, you need a fine wine bottle opener. I had to learn this lesson the hard way, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well. Below are my reviews for the best wine bottle openers available today. From automatic to manual models, I look at models in all shapes and sizes to help you find one that works for you.

Don’t struggle with another uncorking again – check out these reviews so you can find the wine bottle opener of your dreams.

Best Automatic Wine Bottle Opener

Oster FPSTBW8207-S Electric

After looking at this sleek model from Oster, you realize the days of having to struggle with tricky manual wine openers, or clunky and hard-to-handle electric wine openers, are definitely long gone. This product is made to work with all standard wine bottle sizes, so all you need to do is fit it over the neck and push the button to uncork and start enjoying.

Effortless Operation

I really hate having to fuss with wine bottle openers. Clearly the people over at Oster feel the same way, because this device is full of little touches and special features to help make the whole process easier. First up, it comes with its own foil cutter, which you can use to cut away the covering around the neck and expose the cork. Once that’s done, all you would need to do is take the opener and slide it over the neck until it’s snugly in place. You just push the bottom half of the button to remove the cork. It even turns off automatically once the cork is out. Pushing the top of the button reverses the motor and pushes the cork out, so you can take it off and throw it away.

Small Profile

Oster promises fast cork removal with this electric wine bottle opener, which is pretty impressive when you think about how small the whole devise is. The charger itself is just a hair over 10 inches long, and about two inches wide, which is hardly big at all. The whole device rests on a charging base, which comes with an LED light that tells you when the opener is charging. There’s also a power indicator light on the top of the actual opener, so you know when it’s operating. The sleek silver and black design also gives it a classy look that won’t stand out compared to any home décor.

Best Waiter’s Corkscrew

All-in-One Waiters Corkscrew by HiCoup—one/dp/B00MSXW15E/?tag=wineopeners06-20
If you’re more interested in a wine opener that is lightweight and simple, but still sophisticated and useful, then this is definitely the model for you. It’s inspired by the types of wine openers sommeliers use, but includes a foil cutter and bottle opener for extra functionality. This is a wine opener that you could use for home use, to serve guests at a party or pretty much any type of setting in between.

Stops Cork Crumbling

One of the worst things that can happen when opening a bottle of wine is for the cork to break apart in the process, leaving tiny bits and pieces to fall into the wine. This bottle opener uses a specially designed corkscrew, sometimes called the worm, to reduce the chances of the cork breaking or crumbling. It has a tiny notch cut along the side which is meant to help the worm drive its way into the cork while maintaining its structural integrity. Since the cork isn’t getting ripped apart or cracking because there’s no space for it, the entire piece is more likely to stay intact until the whole worm is driven through. Since the entire device is made with a steel and woodgrain design, the process of opening the bottle will even look stylish, which is always a plus.

Double Hinged Fulcrum

The fulcrum is the part of the opener that helps control the force you use to actually pull the cork out of the bottle. On other, cheaper openers the fulcrum is usually poorly-designed and may even be a single piece prone to breaking. Here, the fulcrum has two hinge points to create a sturdier setup to allow you to exert more force when you pull up the cork. This type of opener allows you to line up a notch on one part of the opener so that you can leverage the cork out, rather than simply pulling it and relying on brute strength to get the job done. This smart fulcrum design means that you can get more done with less effort, which is a major plus when it comes to dealing with corks.

Best Handheld Wine Opener

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric

It used to be that an electric wine bottle opener was a large device that was just a pain to try and deal with. They were usually stationary machines, or the ones that you could hold in your hands were just too much to handle. I was really impressed when I came across this handheld opener because it’s clearly been designed to put ease of use at the forefront. It also looks amazing, with some impressive flourishes that really caught my eye and made me want to learn more.

Rechargeable Battery

This wine opener is cordless, so you don’t need to worry about staying close to an outlet in order to operate it. It also has its own internal rechargeable battery, which means that you also don’t have to constantly go out and buy your own batteries for it. Once the opener is fully charged, you can unplug it and position it anywhere in your home so that it’s ready to use. It also includes a newly-redesigned motor that, the manufacturers say, enables it to open up to 60 bottles of wine with each charge. This is a very impressive number, since many other handheld openers require more frequent charging. Since you can open so many bottles between charges, you can really get a lot of use out of this model with less inconvenience.

Sleek, Visible Process

There is a lot of attention to detail in the design of this wine opener. The slight curves in the body give it a very sleek appearance without making it seem too flashy or silly. I really like that the corkscrew area is covered in a clear plastic so you can actually see the opening action in progress. Most openers like this completely cover the corkscrew, so being able to see what’s happening is a pretty exciting concept that makes you feel more in-touch with the whole procedure. There’s also a gentle blue light that shines through onto the corkscrew to make it even easier to see. Another impressive feature is the removable foil cutter that you can unscrew directly from the top of the opener. You can also find this opener in a few different colors, to help it blend in with your home design.

Most Complete Multifunctional Opener

Piedmont Deluxe 4 In 1

It can get pretty annoying when you have to switch between different tools to open your wine bottle, and then scramble around to find a pourer or plug. That’s why this model really stands out among other manual wine openers. It combines four different tools into one device, so you always have them at hand and can focus on enjoying your wine instead of hunting for the components you need. It also has a very unique construction to help keep things compact and improve its usability.

Simple Opening Process

Most wine bottles have a foil cap covering the mouth and protecting the cork, which means you need a foil cutter to remove it safely. This wine opener has a foil cutter built into the main compartment, so you simply need to place the open end over the foil and squeeze the bottom to close it around the neck. Then, you just need to twist the opener and the foil cutter will do its job. After this, you can pull the foil out and put the opener back in place to continue the process. There’s a twisting top that allows you to drive the corkscrew in easily, and a rubber grip on the bottom so you can hole the entire opener in place. No more slipping and sliding as you try to get that cork out.

Four Tools in One

I already mentioned the foil cutter and corkscrew combination, which is such a smart idea. Sometimes the folding knife design of other foil cutters can be a bit dangerous, since the blade is typically exposed and doesn’t have complete coverage to protect your hand. Once you get the cork out, which is a smoother process thanks to the structure of the device, you can unscrew one of the two top attachments located in the handle to reveal a pourer. By placing this into the mouth of the bottle, you can pour the wine more easily and won’t have to worry about the contents dripping down the neck. When you’re done pouring, you can unscrew the other part of the handle to find a stopper. Pull the pourer out of the bottle and put the stopper into the mouth, and you can rest secure knowing the wine isn’t losing its body from exposure to air.

Best Wing Opener Corkscrew

Precision Kitchenware Luxury Corkscrew / Wine Stopper Set

The wing corkscrew is one of the most common designs when it comes to wine bottle openers, because it uses a very reliable and functional approach to the whole process. I was very impressed reading about this model, because it is made with a sturdy metal frame and includes padded grips on the wings to make it easier to use. I also appreciate that Precision Kitchenware includes a stopper with this opener as an added bonus.

Butterfly Wing Design

When you’re dealing with a manual opener, you’re going to run into a lot of different approaches that mostly require you to put in a lot of effort. Since this model uses a butterfly wing design, you don’t have to worry about pulling or prying the cork out, and building up a sweat in the process. You simply need to line up the opener with the cork and then turn the key at the top (which doubles as a bottle cap opener) to drive the corkscrew in. As you turn the corkscrew, the wings will rise upwards thanks to the geared design. When it’s fully inserted, you simply press the wings down and the gears do all the hard work to uncork the bottle. The grips on the wings mean that you don’t have to worry about getting a solid hold or having the metal dig into your hands.

Made for Repeated Use

Everything I’ve read about this opener shows me that it’s made to last through multiple uses. The entire opener is made out of metal, which is going to be significantly stronger than those plastic openers with only a few pieces of metal in their joints. The opener is also chrome plated, which helps it withstand exposure to moisture during washings or if you get any wine on it. The last thing you want is for your wine opener to start rusting, which can cause it to contaminate the wine itself or even break in the middle of use. I want to mention the grips on the wings again, because it’s a smart feature I just didn’t see nearly as often as I would have liked on the different models out there. It shows that this is an opener you are meant to use again and again, without having to struggle every time.

Best Manual Wine Bottle Opener

Brookstone Compact

When you want a powerful wine bottle opener that doesn’t require any batteries or special components, but is also easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space, this is the opener to choose. It manages to get a lot done while staying at an impressively small size. It’s built to open bottles quickly and stylishly, without causing you a lot of hassle to get the job done.

Lever-action Opener

This model utilizes a lever system to drive the corkscrew in and to remove the cork. First, you use the foil cutter that comes with the package to remove the foil, then you place the opener over the mouth of the bottle so the tip of the corkscrew connects with the cork. You can hold this opener in one hand and squeeze the bottom lever with your thumb to drive the corkscrew in, instead of turning a key or manually working it in. Once it’s fully inserted, you just lift the second lever and you can pull the cork right out of the bottle. The entire procedure is designed to take only a matter of seconds, all without requiring you to struggle or strain yourself.

Works with Different Cork Materials

One thing you’re going to see quite a bit when searching for wine bottle openers is models that don’t work with synthetic corks. Traditional cork is made from the bark of a tree while synthetic corks are made out of plastic compounds to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the risk of contamination of the wine. Since the makeup of synthetic corks can be very different, some openers are more prone to break them and cause them to fall apart during the opening. This model was built specifically to work with all cork types, so you will be able to open a wide range of wines without any worries.

Most Versatile Corkscrew Set

Automatic Rabbit Lever Wine Opener

Whether you’re a wine lover looking to treat yourself or on the hunt for a gift for the connoisseur in your life, this wine opener set is a wonderful pick. It includes a lever wine opener that is specifically made for ease of use, along with everything you need to make the experience of enjoying a bottle of wine as memorable as it is simple.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

The opener is made out of heavy duty stainless steel and sturdy composite to make it strong and dependable. You definitely want to use an opener with a strong design to ensure that it can handle every bottle, especially when you’re using a lever opener like this. The design involves squeezing one lever to drive the corkscrew into the cork, then raising a second one to pull the cork out. This is also a pretty compact opener, which makes the construction an even more impressive component. I’ve seen a lot of smaller-sized openers like this made out of flimsy materials, so the presence of the stainless steel is very reassuring.

Replacement Corkscrew and Accessories Included

Palmero really wanted to make sure you had everything you needed with this kit, and I’m very impressed with the choices they made. First up you have a foil cutter, which is essential to working with any bottle of wine. This opener fits around the neck, and the horseshoe shape means that you can slid it into place and squeeze it to operate. You’ve also got an aerator to make pouring an easy process. It’s designed to allow a better airflow through the bottle so that you don’t have a splashing, sloppy stream that can cause a mess or affect the taste of the wine. Finally, there’s a replacement corkscrew, which I find absolutely amazing. You never expect the corkscrew to break, but if it does this replacement means that you don’t have to throw out the entire opener.

Best for the Money

Truetap Metallic Red Double Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew

Wine openers can definitely become very expensive, especially when you start looking at models with a lot of fancy, high-end features. If you want to be able to open your bottles of wine easily and without having to make a major financial investment, then the Truetap corkscrew is the best choice for you. It’s small, has a simple construction and is built to be very reliable, so you can focus on drinking the wine instead of breaking the bank on an opener.

Curved Ergonomic Handle

This corkscrew wine bottle opener uses a very traditional design, where the worm folds out from the center of the device and the leverage arm folds out above that. This model has an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to hold in your hand, as opposed to other openers in this style which have a flat handle that can be hard to hold. There’s also a pronounced notch in the leverage arm to allow you to get a good amount of traction when you pry the cork out. If you need a foil cutter, it has a knife-style cutter built into the handle that folds out when needed. You can also use the leverage arm as a bottle cap opener if need be, which makes this a very versatile tool.

Compact and Colorful

This is definitely a small wine opener, coming it at just over 6 inches long and weighing less than half an ounce. You could very easily keep this opener in a kitchen drawer at home, set it out on a drink cart or even pack it with you to take on a trip or to a friend’s house because it’s so small and light. The entire opener folds up to be very compact as well, with the corkscrew and the foil cutter receiving enough coverage so that you won’t need to worry about them catching on anything. Another thing I really like about this model is that it comes in a huge array of colors. This means you can probably find one to match your kitchen design, or just your favorite color.

Best Novelty Wine Bottle Opener

Suck UK Legless Corkscrew Pirate

Novelty wine bottle openers can be a lot of fun, especially as a gift to a wine lover who enjoys a bit of whimsy. The downside is that a lot of novelty wine openers are made with too much emphasis on the look and not enough on the design. From what I’ve seen, that’s not the case with this pirate-inspired opener. It has all the tools you need to easily open a bottle of wine, and also includes some fun touches to make the whole experience fun.

Clever Pirate Design

I’ve seen a lot of novelty openers that don’t really do much with their theme, either pasting an image on the body of the device or missing some really obvious opportunities for fun features. This opener hits every mark when it comes to making the most of the pirate theme. The entire tool is made to look like a tiny pirate, and the best part is easily the corkscrew, which is made to look like one of the pirate’s legs. When you remove the cork from the bottle, the cork on the screw looks like the pirate’s peg leg, which is very cute and very clever. There’s also a tiny eyepatch built into the top, along with a skull and crossbones on the pirate’s bandana.

Functional and Fun

Like I said, a lot of novelty openers focus too much on the theme and almost forget about the actual bottle opener part. To start things off, this opener has a leverage arm that has an extra deep notch to make it easier to get a good hold on the mouth of the bottle so that it will be easier to pull out the cork. There’s also a serrated foil cutter on the opposite side of the opener, which folds into the handle when not in use. Both of these parts fold out to resemble the arms of the pirate, which really makes it look like a tiny person. The “head” of the pirate also doubles as a bottle cap opener, adding extra functionality to the tool.

One Last Word

After reading through all of my reviews on the best wine bottle openers, I truly hope that you were able to learn something that will help you make a more informed choice. If you’re still not sure what opener is right for you, make sure you check out the other pages on this site. You can find more in-depth guides that cover other aspects of wine bottle openers, as well as some tips to help you choose an opener under specific considerations.

Whatever opener you choose, I hope that you enjoy it. And I hope that it helps you to enjoy every bottle of wine you open, from bold reds to refreshing whites. Remember, wine, like life, is meant to be enjoyed every day, with good friends by your side.