What to Look for in a Novelty Wine Bottle Opener

Novelty accessories can make great gifts for the wine connoisseur in your life, since they can combine their love of wine with an interest in another area, such as a movie series or art style. However, these novelty accessories aren’t always as useful as one might like. This is seen the most when it comes to novelty wine openers. This guide explains what you should look out for when shopping for a novelty wine bottle opener.

Solid Construction

It’s surprisingly common to find novelty openers that aren’t actually meant for regular use, which is usually because of the construction method or materials used. Since the process of uncorking a bottle of wine isn’t exactly a gentle procedure, you’re going to want to look for an opener that is made out of strong metal instead of thin plastics.

Stainless steel is going to be able to withstand the force of working the cork out of the bottle, and also resist rusting when exposed to liquids. Depending on the overall configuration of the opener, it may be fine if the handle is made out of a composite or even wood, as long as the corkscrew is securely attached to it.

Reliable Opening Mechanism

Once you know that the opener is made with a dependable build, you need to consider the actual opening mechanism. In most cases, novelty wine openers are going to use a corkscrew, either in a simple or waiter’s configuration. The biggest issue with simple novelty openers that use a simple corkscrew is that they can come loose or completely disconnect during use. This is because you need to exert a lot of force to pull the cork out of the opener, and a poorly made novelty opener may not properly attach the corkscrew to the handle.

A novelty opener that uses a waiter’s corkscrew setup can also suffer from issues when it comes the type of fulcrum it uses. You want the fulcrum to be strong metal so that it doesn’t break during use. Similarly, the leverage arm should also be made of metal because it will experience a lot of force as well when you pry out the cork.

Proper Safety Considerations

Sometimes novelty wine openers put safety on the back burner in order to emphasize an aspect of design or stay in line with a theme. In order to make sure that you don’t risk getting hurt using a novelty opener, you need to make sure that it doesn’t have any exposed sharp edges or similar areas. For example, if the opener has a built-in foil cutter, it should fold into the handle so that the blade doesn’t come into contact with your hand. Also pay attention to the point of the cutter blade, since some openers might leave the tip exposed and increase the risk of getting caught on something.

If the opener has any other movable parts, make sure to examine all of these areas for any other safety concerns. Sometimes a novelty opener can have a detachable section that relates to the theme, which may not be completely clear at first. Since every novelty opener is made differently, you need to pay special attention to spot any such features.

One Final Consideration

After you check out the construction and usability of the wine opener, remember to pay attention to the way it actually implements the theme. This can often be a good indicator to the overall quality of the product. An opener that includes tiny details to bring the theme to life can mean that the manufacturers also took similar care to the construction. It’s not always the case, but it can help you make the final call between different models.