How to Choose the Best Portable Wine Bottle Opener

The great thing about wine is that you can enjoy it in pretty much any setting, from the comfort of your living room to an outdoor patio at a friend’s home. Bringing a bottle of wine to a gathering or event can be a great way to enjoy different vintages, as long as you have a convenient way to open them. There are a few key points to consider when shopping for a portable wine bottle opener, so read on and learn what to look for and how to make a smart choice.

Size and Weight

This is most likely going to be the biggest factor to consider, since it impacts how you store and carry the opener along with all of your other items. Generally, a good portable wine opener is going to be small and light, so you can pack it into a backpack or tote bag without it being too cumbersome.

Waiter’s corkscrews are a common choice because they fold up into a slim profile and don’t require any additional components to use. However, some people can find these types of openers difficult to use because of the leverage system that it uses. It’s important to make sure that you can comfortably use whatever style of opener you bring with you, otherwise it can turn the whole experience into much more of a trial than it needs to be.

Built-In Tools

Another way to gauge the usefulness of a portable opener is the presence and variety of additional features. Most bottles of wine have a foil cover over the mouth, which means you’re going to need a foil cutter to remove it cleanly and without hassle. A built-in cutter means you don’t need to pack and keep track of a separate device.

Some openers also come with stoppers that are built directly into the handle, so once you open the wine you don’t have to leave the bottle uncovered. An open bottle of wine not only experiences changes that can affect its taste, but can leave it vulnerable to spills if the bottle is knocked over. Also, if you are enjoying your wine outside, a stopper will keep insects from finding their way into the bottle.

Sanitary and Safety Considerations

It might not seem like the biggest concern, but a portable wine opener should have a proper covering system for all of its parts. For the sanitation concerns, it ensures that the corkscrew or prongs won’t pick up dirt and debris from whatever bag you use to transport it. This dirt can be transferred into the bottle during the opening process, which can lead to some serious health concerns for anyone drinking it.

In terms of safety, you never want to travel with a wine bottle opener that has any kind of exposed metal component. Corkscrews have sharp tips that can pierce or tear bags, or cut you if you reach into the bag and accidentally come into contact with that point. The same is true for built-in cutters, since they can cause even more damage to containers or people if not properly contained.

Power Supply

While it is possible to bring an automatic wine opener with you to a friend’s home or outdoor event, it is going to include some serious limitations. First of all, you will most likely only be able to take a battery-operated opener, since finding an open outlet can be difficult in many settings. Also, you will need to fully charge the opener before you leave to ensure that the batteries won’t die unexpectedly and leave you unable to open your bottles.


What it all comes down to is that I would probably recommend a waiter’s corkscrew for anyone who needs a portable opener because it is small, has built-in tools, and usually limits exposure to sharp points.